What are points?

To show our appreciation for you being part of the ever-growing Teach Me Korean community, we have introduced an exciting rewards system for all of our members. As you use our website you’ll automatically earn points on your account, which you’ll be able to exchange for prizes. The great thing is you can get earning straight away, as you receive 100 points simply for joining up. Once you have a stash of points on your account, you can use them to upgrade your membership!

How can I earn points?

You can collect points by completing specific and simple tasks as you use the Teach Me Korean website. Each and every time you achieveĀ one of the following tasks the points will automatically be added to your account.


Create a Teach Me Korean account

Points: 100

Nice To See You

Upload an avatar to your profile

Points: 10


Log into your account

Points: 1


Become a group member

Points: 5

Conversation Starter

Start a forum discussion

Points: 30


Reply to a forum topic

Points: 15

Someone’s Favourite

Someone favourites your forum topic

Points: 3

Happy Shopper

Make a purchase in our online shop

Points: 500


Review your purchase

Points: 100


Start studying a course

Points: 100

Super Student

Complete a course

Points: 100

Quiz Master

Complete a course quiz

Points: 20

Assignment Ace

Submit a course assignment

Points: 50

Dedicated Student

Upgrade to a Dedicated Student

Points: 1000

Teacher’s Pet

Upgrade to a Teacher's Pet

Points: 2000

Student Of The Month

Be hand-picked for this award

Points: 500

What will points get me?

As previously mentioned, you can use the points you collect to upgrade your account to a premium membership with us. The amount of points you attain will determine how long your membership will last. If you’re already a “Dedicated Student” or “Teacher’s Pet” with us, you won’t miss out – instead, you’ll get the extra months you’ve earned added to your subscription for free! Each month there will be opportunities to win bonus prizes for the student that earned the most points in that particular month!

One month premium

When you hit the very first milestone of 5000 points, you'll bag yourself a whole month of premium learning for free!

Points: 5000

Three months premium

If you rack up enough achievements to acquire 8000 points to your account, you will win access to premium learning for three months!

Points: 8000

Six months premium

And there's a whole six months of premium learning up for grabs for our most commited students that hit the jackpot of 15000 points!

Points: 15000