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    Teach Me Korean is an ever-growing friendly community and we feel it’s important that our students can get to know the other members they’re learning alongside!

    To do this, why not give the following questions an answer and earn yourself an easy 15 points too?!

    1. What’s your name (or nickname)?
    2. Where are you from?
    3. What’s your occupation?
    4. What’s your favourite song?
    5. What’s your favourite movie?
    6. Can you speak any other languages?
    7. How long have you been learning Korean?
    8. What Korean word have you found the hardest to pronounce?
    9. What’s your favourite Korean word?
    10. Tell us a random fact about yourself



    I’ll be the first to give this a go!

    1. My name is Mari
    2. I’ve lived in California and Melbourne, but I’m originally from The Philippines and currently live in Manila
    3. I’m a student and work in a coffee shop too
    4. My favourite song… ah I love so many songs! I have to say it’s One Last Time by Ariana Grande
    5. I love movies too! I think my number one favourite is Guardians of the Galaxy
    6. I can also speak Spanish and Tagalog
    7. I’ve been learning Korean for two years, but I’ve only just really discovered so this site and I can’t wait to get learning with you 🙂
    8. Hmm, I find it hard to say “쉽다” (To be easy) – 쉬워요, 쉬운, it just won’t roll off my tongue
    9. My favourite Korean word is “기다리다” (To wait) – It’s so fun to say!
    10. I once did stand up comedy in London!


    Selen Gelişli

    Hi everyone!

    1. I am Selen.
    2. I am from Turkey.
    3. I’ve just graduated from high school and a few months later I will study in university.
    4. My favorite song is Let Me Know by BTS.
    5. My favourite movies are Harry Potter films.
    6. I can speak English and soon Korean I hope and of course my native language Turkish.
    7. I’ve been interested in Korean for long time yet my officially start to Korean is only a few days ago.
    8. There is no word like this.
    9. My favourite Korean word is ‘오모’.
    10. I am a big BTS fan.


    Areum Leah

    1. My full name is Areum Leah + Family name. Although Areum is my first name (my parents named me so because I was born in Korea) everyone calls me Leah. Areum is too difficult for the people here and only my closest friends call me like that.

    2. I made living in Germany, my whole family is German, but I was born in Korea

    3. I just finished school with the highest level one can get here in Germany. No I am waiting for university to begin, I will study physics

    4. Oh that is such a hard question. I don’t have a favorite song. I like so many songs from so many artists and so many genres. But since this about learning korean I can name 주소서, also known as pray by bap

    5. Definitely pacific rim, don’t ask me why. Normally I am more into girly love stories

    6. I can speak German and English but I always have big trouble learning a language :((

    7. I am learning for 3 months now so I am at the very beginning. I am searching for different ways to learn because even if I can write a sentence if a Korean would say it, I wouldn’t understand

    8. Oh. I didn’t had alot of trouble with Korean until now. I am still reading like a child in elementary school and sometimes I forgot not to say the consonants at the end of a word too loud. Like 밥 먹었어 I always say like bab meogeosseo although it sounds more like bameogeosseo

    9. It definitely is 몰라 (I have no idea) because it saves me in almost every situation haha

    10. I did 태권도 (Taekwondo?) for a few years but every time something suddenly moves (not only when fighting but in general, playing with a ball or even someone waving) I immediately close my eyes, which is not that good or I quit



    1. my name is Amalia, but my friends call me Ama or Amy
    2. I’m from Italy
    3. I finished my first year of Art High School
    4. I don’t really have a favourite song, but in this period I’m in love with Serendipity by BTS’ Jimin
    5. like music I don’t have a favourite film;; but I really like XMen and Harry Potter films
    6. I can speak Italian, English and a little bit of German
    7. I’ve been studying Korean for about 5 months
    8. 읽다 is giving me more trouble than I expected
    9. my favourite korean word is 빨리;; I don’t know why but I use it a lot, i like its sound, I really like 꽃 too
    10. I am really into kpop~

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    1. What’s your name (or nickname)?
    My name is Ariel Lace Duplantis (full name) :). Nickname is Arie.
    2. Where are you from?
    I’m from the US, Louisiana to be exact.
    3. What’s your occupation?
    I work for Apple Technical Support from home. 🍎📱⌚💻⌨📞
    4. What’s your favourite song?
    like everyone else I think this is an extremely difficult question. I listen to everything and as you’ve probably guessed, that includes Kpop. So let me put what I’m currently listening to: iKon- Love Scenario, Bazzi- Mine, Hwang Chi Yeul- A Daily Song, and much much more.
    5. What’s your favourite movie?
    Oh, another hard question. I watch so many Korean Dramas/shows/Movies. I’m tired of waiting for subtitles, darn it!!! I love horror movies, crime, mystery, and romance. So recommendations are welcomed! ✌🏽
    6. Can you speak any other languages?
    <h5>I learned French for 12 years, but somethings leave you and that was one of them. I know how to say a few things.</h5>
    7. How long have you been learning Korean?</h5>
    I haven’t been learning Korean long. I believe about 3 months. I’m a newbie and ready to learn!!
    8. What Korean word have you found the hardest to pronounce?
    its funny, but 여보세요!. Trust me I sound extremely funny when trying to say
    My favorite words are “애정” it sounds so beautiful and I believe it sounds like person or people. Which is even more beautiful.
    10. Tell us a random fact about yourself
    I love Korean Culture. I’m a photographer📷



    Kimberley Barnett

    Hello 🙂

    1. My full name is Kimberley but I prefer Kim.
    2. I live in the UK and have my whole life.
    3. I work as a cashier at a grocery shop.
    4. I love music anything that’s catchy I will normally listen too. But if I had to pick at the moment I’m currently listening to Anne-Marie and Marshmallow friends and BoA one shot, two shot. love it!
    5. Favourite movie has to be anything Disney or musicals.
    6. English is my main language but I did learn French and German in school but only enough for me to introduce myself.
    7. Been learning Korean for a while but never found anything or site that helped me improve much so strayed away from learning for awhile but picked it back up since I found this site and the book on amazon.
    8. I think the word 반갑습니다 Bangapsumnida. nice to meet you. I think I spelt it right, I get muddled up and the right letters wouldn’t come out.
    9. 사랑해요. I love you. The first word I saw in Korean and first I learned.
    10. I own two reptiles. Lepoard Gecko and Breaded Dragon. Also, I enjoy photography.

    1. My full name is Ana Mae G. Baykin and my friends call me by the name of what makes them comfortable (Ana or Mae) but, my nickname is Meng.
    2. I am born and raised here in the Philippines.
    3. I am currently a senior high school student.
    4. Im haven’t listen to any music currently except, BTS’ new released song for their comeback EUPHORIA. Also, any BTS’s songs are my favorite.
    5. I recently watched a local movie with a friend called “Never Not Love You”. It was wonderful, so i guess it’s currently my fav movie.
    6. If i ever be fluent in Korean, this would be the another language i could speak except for my native language.
    7. Well, i’ve been studying Korean since then but i can’t really get an overview to the lessons since some of it are not complete and considering my time schedule. Fortunately, i got a time this month.
    8. I haven’t yet encountered a word.
    9. 잘 했어요.
    10. i could stay awake for 2 days.


    1. I’m Olivia but some people call me Via.
    2. I was born in Poland but raised in the UK.
    3. I’m a student.
    4. Any K-Pop/Krnb/Cpop song tbh.
    5. Any Disney/Studio Ghibli movie.
    6. Polish and a bit of Spanish.
    7. I’ve just started to learn Korean.
    8. 반갑습니다 (Bangapsumnida).
    9. 아니요 (aniyo).
    10. I have a Black Labrador and his name is Ozzy.

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