Imagine this – you’re sat in a lovely little café in Korea, and you have a real craving for some delicious 불고기, but you can’t see it on the menu. Or, you’re excited to go and see the latest Korean blockbuster, but you can’t seem to find the movie theatre. Sure, you could just order a pizza and rent a movie instead, however, after studying this course, you won’t need to!

This course is split into four different sections. Here’s what you’ll learn in each section:

Course Warm-Up
Just like with every grammar course, you’ll be introduced to a natural Korean conversation using the grammar and vocabulary that you’ll be studying in the lessons to follow. Once you’ve listened to the dialogue, you’ll then see a break down of what the words you’ve heard mean, and how to use them in a sentence.

Grammar break down
Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the conversation, you’ll move on to learning about how each sentence was formed. During this grammar section, we’ll teach you how to state that someone does or does not posses an item, such as “My brother has a car,” and “I don’t have time” etc. You’ll also learn how to ask where something or someone is and how to reply to the question with a detailed answer using positonal words. In this unit alone you’ll learn over 40 new Korean words!

Bonus Lessons
In the extra lessons of this course, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about eating out in Korea. Along with getting to know the tastiest Korean dishes, you’ll also practice asking for exactly what you want, how to call over a waiter or waitress and how to describe the food you’re eating. To finish off, you’ll also learn the all-important table manners that you should adopt when visiting the country to avoid offending those you’re eating with.

Wrap-Up Exercises
After completing each lesson, you’ll get the chance to practice what you’ve been studying. Q&A will test you on your knowledge of the vocabulary you’ve learned, along with how to answer positive and negative questions and the possession verbs, listen and write will help you develop your Korean listening and writing skills, translation practice does exactly what it says on the tin and finally, the pronunciation assessment will examine your Korean pronunciation.

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  1. Another great course :)


    This is the third course I’ve enrolled in and I’m really impressed! I love how the lessons are easy to follow and how beautifully they are designed. I particularly loved the culture lessons and the guide to Korean food and table manners! The help from the tutors is amazing as always.

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