Once you’ve graduated from our Hangeul Bootcamp, it’s finally time to put what you’ve learned into practice. In the first extensive grammar course you will learn how to form your first Korean sentences, ace handy vocabulary and more importantly, start making real conversation!

This course is split into six different sections. Here’s what you’ll learn in each section:

In the first section of the course, we’ll prepare you for going into battle with the Korean language. As shown in the previews, you’ll learn the basic patterns of Korean sentences, get your head around the fundamental difference between the English and Korean language, and take a look at the confusing politeness level structure.

Course Warm-Up
Just like with every grammar course, you’ll be introduced to a natural Korean conversation using the grammar and vocabulary that you’ll be studying in the lessons to follow. Once you’ve listened to the dialogue, you’ll then see a break down of what the words you’ve heard mean, and how to use them in a sentence.

Grammar break down
As the title suggests, you’ll be launching into breaking down the grammar you’ve encountered in the course conversation. This includes creating simple present tense sentences, such as “that is a book” and “this is not a chair,” using both the formal and stardard politeness levels. You’ll also take a look at confusing particles and learn how to ask and answer positive and negative sentences. On top of that, you’ll add over 35 words to your vocabulary builder!

Bonus Lessons
When visiting Korea, natives will often be very curious to learn more about you. The bonus section for this course will lend you the tools to answer their questions, teaching you more ways to introduce yourself in both the formal and standard politeness levels. During these units, you’ll learn how to explain what you do for a living, state your nationality and ask questions in return. In this section alone you’ll be adding over 130 new words to your vocabulary builder!

Cool Down
Adding on what you already know, this unit will demonstrate how to state information about someone else and how to ask direct questions. You’ll also learn one of the most important things in Korean – how to address someone without offending him or her! Then, in the final lesson, we’ll discuss when it’s approptaite to use “it’s nice to meet you” when meeting someone for the first time, and how to avoid the mistakes that the textbooks have taught you.

Wrap-Up Exercises
On top of all of the individual lesson exercises, the last section of this course will give you more opportunities to practice what you’ve been studying. Fill in the blanks will test your knowledge of the pronunciation rules taught in this course, listen and write will help you develop your Korean listening and writing skills, translation practice does exactly what it says on the tin and finally, the pronunciation assessment will examine your Korean pronunciation.

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  1. Jam-Packed Course!


    I honestly feel I’ve learnt more in this one course than I have learnt self-studying for six months. After completing the course today, I now know over 200 Korean words and can confidently introduce my name, nationality and occupation. I also love how it teaches you how to ask and answer questions, so you can actually hold a conversation. I can’t wait to take the next course. I feel like I’ve achieved so much already. Thank you especially to Char선생님 for all the help she gave me with my pronunciation. I am so excited to have found Teach Me Korean, and no, I haven’t been asked to write this 😛

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