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    Teach Me Korean Conjugation

    The idea of tackling grammar can be very daunting when learning a new language. However, it really doesn’t have to be! This 424-page book is designed to make learning how to conjugate the most commonly used Korean words in the most commonly used ways as easy as possible. With the knowledge of conjugation, you’ll have the tools to create and understand Korean sentences. Here's what you can find in the book: • The basics of Korean grammar Understand the differences between English and Korean sentence structure • A guide to speech levels Get familiar with how and when to use the casual, polite and formal politeness levels • Vocabulary builder Practice pronouncing the most commonly used Korean verbs and adjectives • Grammar lessons Learn how to conjugate those verbs and adjectives into the most frequently used grammar patterns • Example sentences Each lesson is accompanied by real sample sentences featuring the conjugations in use • Native recordings Follow those example sentences with native pronunciations to help you sound like a true Korean • Conjugation charts • Fun quizzes Put into practice It's important to understand that this is a romanized-free book! Relying on romanization will only hold you back in your studies and therefore we highly recommend that you have an understanding of Hangeul. If you can not yet read, write and pronounce the Korean alphabet, we encourage that you take part in our course Hangeul Bootcamp course here.
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