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    Here is the place to practice your Hangeul skills, show off what you learned in our Hangeul Bootcamp and take part in extra […]

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    In between courses, join the student lounge and take a well-earned break away from learning. Get to know your fellow students, play forum games and have a […]

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    Did you know there are two official number systems in Korea? Getting to grips with them both can be hard at first. This study group is here to help […]

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    Become a member of the Teach Me Korean ‘Homework Club’ to take part in extracurricular tasks aimed at improving and perfecting your Korean lan […]

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    We love K-Pop! Oh, you do too? Then this group is made for you! When you’re not studying, obsess over the latest addictive K-Pop tunes and share your love f […]

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    The lifestyle, cuisine and culture of South Korea is a fascinating and wonderful thing. Talk about it here in the Korean Culture […]

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    Whether you’ve got a question about a Korean word or simply want to share some new Korean vocabulary you’ve learned, this is the gro […]

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    Have a question about how to use Teach Me Korean? Got a great idea to improve the site? Have a suggestion for a Korean lesson? Post […]