What’s your motivation?

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    The reason I am learning Korean is to really impress my family. I was born in Daejeon (대전) in Korea, but my family moved to the USA when I was only a few months old, so I never had to actually use Korean.
    My mom and dad were too lazy to teach me, I guess, and they only taught me a few phrases to use when family members visit. My mom still scolds me in Korean though!! ha ha.

    I would love to be able to learn enough to surprise them. It would be great to turn around when my mom is yelling and reply to her in Korean, or actually converse with some family members that don’t know English at gatherings.

    I’m in a Indie band with my two cousins, who both have Korean as their first language. They have started writing songs in Korean and I feel really awkward trying to sing along and find that I get tongue-tied too easily!

    We are planning to go back to Korea next year, so I would love to be able to at least hold a simple conversation by the time we head back to Daejeon!

So thats my reasons for learning. What are yours?


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    Oh wow, your reason is really interesting! My reason is boring. I think the Korean language is really beautiful.


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    Haha yeah that is a really interesting reason.

    For me.. I was born in Korea but moved to Germany when I was about 2 years old. My parents both are German and never got into the language, they just lived in Korea for a few years because of their job. Since I know I am in live with 이루마 (yiruma?) and always listened to him. I don’t like the German language so I always speak English and I really want to move in another country and together with my sister I started to be in love with Korean food haha so I basically want to learn the language to move there or just spend one or two years abroad.

    Somehow I never structure my sentences sorry for that

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