Embarrassing language mistakes?

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    We’ve all been there when we say the wrong thing by mistake, or auto-correct completely embarrasses us and you are praying the person you’re texting doesn’t screenshot your mistake. But yesterday, I made an embarrassing mistake when testing out Korean. So many Korean words sound very similar, and if you don’t put aspiration or tense part of the word, it can have a total different meaning.

    For example, 피 means “blood,” and 비 means “rain“. When I was speaking with my Korean friend on Skype yesterday, I was explaining that when I got home I was completely covered in rain, but I must have put too much emphasis on the “b/p” sound, because I apparently said to her “I am completely soaked with blood!”

    At first I was so shocked at her reaction when she kept asking me what happened and if I was okay haha. I then typed the sentence out to her and she revealed my embarrassing mistake.

    It happened to me before too when I had eaten spicy Kimchi and instead of saying I needed water, which is “물” in Korean, I accidentally said I needed fire, which is “불” hahah!

    Have you had any embarrassing mistakes like this too?

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