The first K-Pop song you heard?

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    What was the first song that got into the wonderful world of K-Pop? I was lucky to be around right when BIGBANG had just debuted, and LA-LA-LA was the first song that I became obsessed with!

    So, what was the first K-Pop song that you listened to and how did you come across it?

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    Awwww look at baby BIGBANG! I love that song.

    The very first Kpop song that I remember hearing is this amazing masterpiece by TVXQ (the best boy band to ever grace Korea) and the queen of Kpop that is BoA! This is the song that kicked off my love for Kpop and my absolute obsession with TVXQ!

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    Oh my gosh, I LOVE those songs!

    The first song I heard was this catchy little tune:

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    Nobody – Wonder Girls

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    All My Heart – Super Junior

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    The first kpop song I can remember hearing was Block B’s Nalina

    I instantly fell in-love with it and eventually it resulted in me being a fan of all sorts of Korean music and dramasย ๐Ÿ˜€

    U-Kwon is still one of my top Biases and Zico my bias-wrecker. <3

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