Is the number 4 unlucky in Korea?

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    Hello lovely tutors,

    I have a question about Korean numbers. I know that sino-Korean numbers come from the Chinese language and the Chinese number for 4 is considered very unlucky in China, so does that also apply to Korea?




    Thank you for the question, Bethanie!

    We’re actually just writing a lesson on this very subject, are you psychic?!

    You’re absolutely right! The sino-Korean for number 4 is 사, which has the same sound as the Chinese word for “death,” and is therefore considered very unlucky.

    If you’re in Korea, you might notice that very often, buildings don’t have a level 4, houses aren’t marked with the number 4 and items are not grouped in a number of 4. In fact, in some cases the use of the number can affect building or housing prices!

    I guess you can say Asian’s are very superstitious.

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