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The responses we’ve received for our Hangeul Bootcamp books have been truly overwhelming! Following requests from students asking for an interactive version of the guide, we’ve put together this intensive Hangeul Bootcamp course featuring everything you’ll find in the book, with added lessons, more exercises and personally graded practice assignments too.

Whether you are familiarising yourself with the Korean alphabet for the first time, or wish to brush up on your pronunciation, reading and writing skills, then this ultimate Hangeul course is for you.

During this course, you will learn the history of Hangeul, how to sound out each letter, how to create syllables and how to tackle those all-important pronunciation rules! With the native recordings provided, you can take the time to really perfect your pronunciation and avoid common mistakes as well as improve your writing, reading and listening skills too.

Throughout each lesson, you’ll get the chance to ask our tutors anything in our dedicated open Q&A section. We will also be testing your knowledge and pronunciation after each unit to aid you on your way to becoming a Hangeul master. After all, practice makes perfect!

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  1. Profile photo of Hari

    Fantastic first course!

    To say that I loved this course is an understatement. I’ve tried other Hangeul classes and they were very fast paced and hard to understand. I was so pleased to see that this course is very different. It talks you through each step, teaches you ways to actually sound like a native Korean and how to avoid common mistakes that foreigners make. I love that there are interactive exercises through each unit too to keep you on track. You really do become a Hangeul master once you’ve completed this course. I love, love, love it!

  2. Profile photo of Aaliyah

    Enrol now!

    I can’t explain how good this course is! Each of the lessons are packed with information, yet really easy to understand. The exercises included were really fun and I am so proud to say that I got full marks on all of my assignments and quizzes! I really recommend this course to any body of any Korean level. Even if you can already understand Hangeul, you can improve your pronunciation skills and knowledge! 😀

  3. Profile photo of Liz

    Kicked My Butt (in a good way)

    Hard to grasp at times for a first timer, but well needed. This course will bring you up to speed on how to pronounce korean letters and how to grasp the korean language. I will be recommending this course and this site to all my poly-lingual friends c:

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